News / 06.09.19

Is the time and expense of moving to a master trust worth the bother?

Think that moving to a DB master trust will be a long and gruelling process? Well actually you could be moved over to Citrus within a matter of months with help of the well managed Citrus take-on process.  

There are several different approaches for moving your current assets into Citrus. We would then arrange for your assets to be invested in an appropriate way to support your funding strategy. We have a track record in delivering the same expected returns at lower risk than you currently run.

Our investment pre-transition plan will detail all the processes and timescales, always reducing out-of-market risks. We will set out who has responsibility for each aspect of the transition and prepare a post-transition report which summarises the activity carried out and the new asset allocation.

We work with your scheme's trustees and administrators to transition the administration of your scheme as smoothly as possible.

We would appoint a project manager and produce project control documents for implementation that set out the scope, project plan, key milestones and objectives of the project, including member communications and reporting to the Pensions Regulator.

To ensure members do not suffer reduced levels of service during the transfer of administration, we will work closely with the current administrators on the handover plan to cover the transition period.

The average time for moving over all the above aspects is around 4-6 months, meaning that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a master trust quicker than you may have thought.

For further information on the benefits of a DB master trust please read our blog post.

For more information on DB master trusts and how Citrus could help your scheme, please contact us.