Videos & podcasts / 19.07.22

DB master trusts: How can they solve your pension scheme's challenges?

In an ever challenging economic climate, UK businesses are faced with perpetual challenges. Often it’s providing security to their DB pension scheme members.

Watch our recent webinar, held on Wednesday 6th July 2022, now on-demand, where we discuss these issues and how consolidating pension schemes through a DB master trust, like Citrus, can solve many of these problems.

In this webinar we explored topics on:

  • Reduced cost: savings made through consolidating your scheme
  • Investment strategy: making it work harder for you
  • Buy-out: putting in a place a robust and an affordable long-term plan for you.

We were also joined by Tom Camps from the Department of Work and Pensions who provided us with an update on their DB master trust self-certification initiative.

DB master trusts have been in existence for a number of years and have adapted over time to meet the current needs of the market.

Replay the webinar

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