News / 23.04.20

A message from Citrus

From all of us here at Citrus we'd like to extend our reassurance and support to you in the uncertain and challenging times we face, both now and in the months ahead.  

We expect to emerge out of this period of uncertainty more focussed than ever on our key priority -providing good outcomes for our member sections and their scheme members.

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by everyone. For Citrus it has meant adapting our working practices; recently holding our first full Trustee board meeting online and planning a virtual Employers' Forum in June.

In the background we are carrying out business as usual; we're dealing with daily tasks, we're executing vital documents and trades, and we're continuing to install new sections while everyone is working away from the office. Citrus is very lucky to have such a strong and experienced team, who are well set up for remote working and continue to help with any member and scheme enquiries.

We're also continuing our investment strategy review work to ensure that our schemes are protected against risk as much as possible, with focus on meeting their long-term objectives. We know sponsors face difficulties at this time and that pensions is unlikely to be at the top of many companies' priority list. However, if your contingency planning includes the future of your DB pension scheme we'd be happy to support you in discussing how Citrus might help. If you'd like to try our calculator to get an idea of outcomes you might achieve with support from Citrus, please use the link below. 


Our good wishes and thoughts are with you.

Lindsay Davies
Citrus Trustee Secretary & Pensions Manager