Tools / 10.02.20

How much could you save by moving to a DB master trust?

Can you really afford the time and costs of running your standalone DB pension scheme? Moving into a DB master trust can create significant savings, generate better investment returns and help you settle your liabilities sooner.

We’ve developed a free tool to help you calculate the outcomes you could achieve by moving to the Citrus master trust. The tool calculates how much you could save in:

  • Annual advisory costs
  • Scheme lifetime costs
  • Time to reach buy-out
  • Limiting your "worst-case" investment scenarios
  • Management time required to run your scheme

All you need to do is enter a few details about your DB scheme from your accounting reports. The results are unique to your individual scheme.

To try the free calculator please use the link below:

Cost and outcomes calculator

Please let us have any feedback or comments. We hope you enjoy seeing the savings that can be achieved!