News / 01.12.21

5 reasons your DB scheme would be better off in a master trust

Increasing running costs and stricter expectations from the Pensions Regulator are just some of the challenges facing employers and trustees of DB pension schemes. Many schemes would be better off in a DB master trust to overcome these challenges. From accessing better investment returns, to cost sharing benefits and economies of scale, we explore the 5 key reasons why you should consider transferring your scheme into a master trust like Citrus.

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Reason # 1 – A resilient investment strategy for the long-term

Reason # 2 – Reach your long-term objective with more certainty

Reason # 3 – Improve governance and meet TPR's expectations

Reason # 4 – Save on your annual running costs

Reason # 5 – Knowledge and experience - professionally run scheme

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of moving to a DB master trust, please contact Lindsay Davies