The Citrus Promise

Working with Citrus

With over 25 years’ experience, Citrus gives you confidence and assurance of better outcomes for you, your scheme and its members.

Employers benefit from economies of scale and improved governance from being in the trust with others, while being able to oversee funding strategy and risk.

A key benefit of scale is opening up the universe of investable assets that are not available to small schemes. While it frees up busy employers to focus on their day jobs, employers can still play an active role with Citrus, and our trustees and advisers work in partnership with employers. This means you will have considerable flexibility in setting your own funding and investment strategy.

Strong governance

Citrus is governed by a Trustee Board consisting of an independent chairman and trustee directors, appointed by employers and members. The Trustees have extensive experience in managing employer pension schemes and master trust arrangements, leaving your scheme in safe hands.

Cost control

Through cost sharing and lower fund management charges, we’ll reduce your costs and manage fees while delivering an industry leading service.

Better management of risks and investments

Your scheme will benefit from sophisticated Integrated Risk Management (IRM), with access to a broader range of investment opportunities than typically available to smaller schemes. In addition we’ve worked with fund managers to develop innovative capital efficient investment strategies. These achieve the same returns but require less capital to do so, ensuring your assets work harder and deliver more value to you and your members.

Set clear objectives for your section

We’ll implement a strategy that’s right for your scheme, and agree a level of involvement that’s right for you.

Get you to buy-out sooner

We have a proven process for bringing employers together to lower the cost of buying out your benefits, getting you to your destination sooner. If your scheme is less mature, through our stewardship we’ll ensure your scheme is in good shape for when the time is right.

A smooth transition

We’ll give you peace of mind throughout the transition, with a tried and tested approach, managed by dedicated project professionals.

A better service for you

With access to online reporting, you can easily track up-to-date funding levels, investments and risk analytics.

A better service for members

With online access to statements and benefit illustrations at the touch of a button.

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